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Sembcorp Bournemouth Water joins WaterSafe in supporting World Plumbing Day

11th March 2015

Sembcorp Bournemouth Water joins WaterSafe in promoting World Plumbing Day as a time to reflect on how we can raise plumbing standards in the UK.

Now in its sixth year, World Plumbing Day was founded by the World Plumbing Council to promote the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society.  Its aim is water conservation and the protection of water sources, which can be achieved through attitudinal change.  Plumbing bodies are urged to educate their own members and the public about safe practice and choosing water-efficient hardware.

While water safety issues affecting other continents will remain the main focus of World Plumbing Day, WaterSafe reminds the industry that there are still challenges to tackle closer to home.

Getting homeowners to check the credentials of a plumber before getting them in to do work is one of these.

A recent WaterSafe study found that 70 per cent of UK householders still don’t check the credentials of a plumber before letting them commence work.  And more than half placed more importance on personal appearance than qualifications.  

Roger Harrington, Managing Director of Sembcorp Bournemouth Water said:  “We’d like our customers to place as much importance on choosing a WaterSafe plumber, as they would a qualified and competent gas engineer.  Properly qualified and registered plumbers deliver high-quality plumbing work which not only ensures the safety of the public water supply, but gives homeowners assurance that they have the backing of an approved scheme and recourse if things do go wrong.  And they’re not hard to find – at a click of a button, consumers can get a list of approved plumbers in their area using the postcode search on WaterSafe’s website.”

WaterSafe Information

Launched on 8 October 2013, WaterSafe is a national plumbing assurance scheme which aims to provide recognition for competent plumbers and assurance to customers seeking water supply plumbing work. 

WaterSafe is supported by all UK water suppliers and is owned by the seven existing Approved Contractors’ Schemes operating in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

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For further information about World Plumbing Day and to see a statement from the Chairman of the World Plumbing Council please refer to: www.worldplumbingday.org/