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Bills confirm Sembcorp Bournemouth Water's price freeze

10th February 2014

THOUSANDS of water bills start hitting doormats from this week with Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (SBW) confirming prices have been frozen for household and business customers until April 2015.This means that customers will pay the same charges for their water supply as they did last year. 

The company, which supplies drinking water to approximately half a million people in parts of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, will then cut bills for the following 12 months. Increases in subsequent years up to 2020 will be kept below inflation.
The freeze is set against an industry average increase of two per cent, with SBW’s average household bill of £153 now 19 per cent less than the average across the country for water supply. 
Smaller bills will not mean a decline in service. The company aims to remain top of the industry for customer service and will deliver improvements in areas customers have identified as priority. 
As an example, and to ensure its drinking water continues to be safe and wholesome, SBW will put into operation a £3.5 million ultraviolet (UV) treatment plant later this month (February) at its Alderney site, which supplies drinking water to  Bournemouth and surrounding areas.
The new facility will upgrade the disinfection process and complement the existing chlorine-based process. The result will improve the efficiency of disinfection of the water, with less chemical usage.
Roger Harrington, SBW's Managing Director, said: “We’ve been listening to our customers, and have taken on board their feedback in prioritising how we use our resources. 
"We are very conscious of the current pressures on household incomes and are doing as much as we can to keep our costs down, while ensuring a safe and wholesome water supply well into the future.”

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