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Keeping bills down

01st February 2017

Set at £138 for 2017/18, this latest bill reduction follows a series of price freezes, price cuts and lower than inflation increases in recent years.   

While keeping prices down, Bournemouth Water continues to deliver improvements in areas customers have identified as priority as evidenced by its recent performance results.  Bournemouth Water was the only water company to achieve 100 per cent compliance with water quality standards this past year, and continues to be one of the best performers in the industry for providing an uninterrupted water supply, reducing leakage and delivering great customer service.

The company continues to address customers’ key priorities of ensuring a safe and reliable water supply at a fair price, and being available, knowledgeable and efficient when there’s a problem.  Bournemouth Water has also made good progress in other areas customers consider important, such as fixing visible leaks quickly, and helping to reduce the amount of water people use each day.  

In addition, the company has extended the range of support it offers customers who have difficulty paying their bills and has introduced WaterCare, a social tariff which will be available to eligible customers from April this year.  And to help keep bills low for the benefit of all paying customers, Bournemouth Water will continue to employ industry-leading debt management practices.  

Stephen Bird, Managing Director of Bournemouth Water, said: “With Bournemouth Water now part of South West Water, we’re sharing best practice to deliver improvements.  We’re keeping our focus on what matters most to our customers so that the service we provide is one that they value.”


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