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Bournemouth Water backs Water Saving Week and World Water Day

21st March 2016

BOURNEMOUTH Water is backing a national week-long drive to promote simple water saving tips, as well as supporting WaterAid’s World Water Day campaign.

The company has joined forces with Waterwise and WaterSafe for Water Saving Week, which runs from 21 – 25 March; and WaterAid for World Water Day on 22 March.

Raising awareness of the need for everyone to use water wisely, as well as highlighting the issues still faced by some of the world’s poorest communities, the campaigns aim to protect this precious and finite resource for generations to come.

The themes covered across the week include ‘water in school’, ‘water in your workplace’ and ‘water in your home’.

And as the water saving campaign coincides with Easter – the traditional time of year gardeners start thinking about this season’s planting, and families get out and about – ‘water in the garden’ and ‘water in the community’ are also covered.

For homes, schools and businesses which are on a water meter and pay for the amount of water they use, this can mean welcome savings on water and energy bills.

For the wider, global community, this can mean helping to ensure more and more people get clean, safe water.

Bob Taylor, Managing Director of Bournemouth Water and champion of WaterAid, said one in 10 people around the world still live without water.

He added: “Water is essential to life, but can cost a poor person in the developing world as much as half of their income – this is a shocking statistic.  And increased competition for water resources and climate change are exacerbating the situation.”

WaterSafe - the national plumber accreditation scheme – is now an official partner of Water Saving Week, as there is a strong link with plumbers who are able to advise customers in their homes or workplaces.

For further information please contact:

For more information on water saving week or World Water Day, visit www.bournemouthwater.co.uk, www.waterwise.org.uk, www.watersafe.org.uk or www.wateraid.org/uk