WaterFuture - Get into water

Providing you with an uninterrupted supply of fresh clean water that not only meets the highest water quality standards but is also free from any unwanted taste, smell or colour.

Bournemouth Water provides some of the best quality tap water in the country. We invest in our drinking water treatment processes and our mains network to ensure you get water that is both safe and enjoyable to drink. 

In recent years we’ve pioneered new ways to manage water quality. We also use new technologies to make water treatment more efficient and less chemical-intensive. 

Did you know? 

The length of our mains pipes is almost 3,000km 

Our goals for 2050

  • Prevent any taste, smell or discolouration issues and maintain our excellent water quality record
  • Seek out innovative processes to make the way we treat water more effective and more efficient
  • Tackle leakage from our pipes and minimise interruptions to your supply
  • Respond to issues on our network of pipes before your service is affected