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A brief history


Bournemouth Water is established with waterworks in Bourne Valley and a reservoir in Parkstone.


Works begin at Longham and the first reservoirs and filters are built at Alderney, where Bournemouth Water is now based.


The West Hampshire Water company is established and Knapp Mill in Christchurch becomes a pumping station two years later.

1900s to 1980s

The two water companies expand their supply areas and construct boreholes, reservoirs and water towers. As modernisation takes place, steam-powered pumps are replaced by diesel and electricity.


Bournemouth Water and West Hampshire Water come under a joint majority shareholding through Biwater, a British multinational water engineering group, to take advantage of new opportunities from the privatisation of the former Water Authorities in 1989.


Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water is formed as the two companies merge.


Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water becomes the main part of Cascal, initially a joint venture between Biwater and Nuon, a Dutch utility company. It becomes 100% owned by Biwater in 2008.


Sempcorp Utilities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries, acquires Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water.


Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water plc changes its registered name to Sembcorp Bournemouth Water.


Pennon Group Plc acquires Sembcorp Bournemouth Water and the company changes its registered name to Bournemouth Water.

2016On 1 April, Bournemouth Water transferred into South West Water. The merged company operates under a single licence with the Bournemouth Water name retained.

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