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How to apply

IMPORTANT NEWS - With effect from the 1 April 2018 the way that Developer Services charge for their work is changing. Please click here to find out more.

Please print out the New Connections Application Form, complete it, sign it and send it to us. We will then call to arrange a survey after which we will send you our quotation.

Both sections of the form must be completed, signed and dated. If not, the form will be returned for amendment and your application could be delayed.

Please enclose any supporting information which will assist us when carrying out the survey, e.g.

  • Plans showing the extent and location of the site
  • Construction schedule
  • An assessment of site conditions in relation to contamination

Design charge

We reserve the right to make a design charge, which is currently £99 plus VAT. 

If a design charge is applicable, it must be returned with your completed application form for:

  • new build sites
  • conversions
  • industrial, commercial or other non-domestic new supplies

The design charge does not apply to:

  • applications from existing accounts to separate a shared supply into individual supplies
  • sites involving the laying of new mains – an overall charge is made for the mains and service design
  • budget costs given over the phone

If the design charge applies, it will be credited to your quotation. You will not pay it if your building project goes through to construction. If your project is cancelled after you have made an application, we may keep the design charge to cover the costs of surveying, estimating and processing your application.



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