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The Water Act 2014 has brought in changes that mean that all water companies are being asked to modify the way they charge customers for Developer Services related activities from April 2018.

Ofwat, the economic regulator, has published new rules that mean that in future water companies will provide more fixed charges rather than bespoke prices on request. Ofwat’s rules follow the overarching principles of:

  • Stability and predictability
  • Transparency and customer-focused charging
  • Fairness and affordability, and
  • Environmental protection.

From 2017/18 the way that we charge for Developer Services related activities will change and over the coming months South West Water will consult its customers on its proposals for future charging.

We continue to update our website to keep our customers advised but if you would like to know more further details can be found on the following links:


Each quotation is calculated individually based on the information provided in your application, the location of our existing water network and the work involved.

Your charges will be shown on your quotation. They will consist of:

  • relevant new connections charges
  • plus the water infrastructure charge (if applicable)
  • less the design charge (if applicable)
New Connections Charges


Infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges apply to premises being connected to water and sewerage services for domestic purposes for the first time. These were introduced under Section 146 of the Water Industry Act 1991 so that water (and sewerage) companies can improve their water networks to meet the extra demand that new connections place on them.

For more information, please see Infrastructure Charges

The current standard infrastructure charge can be found in the New Connections Charges.



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